#Istanbul10 Mpiaro Ny Zon'Olombelona Tany Am-ponja Nandritra ny 100 Andro

Mpikambana valon'ny #Istanbul10 izay mbola any am-ponja any Torkia.

12 Oktobra, manamarika ny 100 andro nitazonana ireo mpiaro ny zon'olombelona 10 any Torkia nandritra ny atrikasa fiofanana. Manomboka amin'ity herinandro ity, mety hiatrika famonjana hatramin'ny 10 taona ireo mpikambana amin'io vondrona io ankehitriny, noho ireo zavatra nataony nanohana ny fiarovana ny zon'olombelona.

Nifamory ny vondrona hanao atrikasa mikasika ny fitantanana ny loharanom-baovao ary mba haka aina tao amin'ny iray amin'ireo nosin'i Istanbul, Buyukada, ny 5 Jolay, raha nanafika ny atrikasa ny polisy, nisambotra ireo mpandray anjara, ary naka ireo fitaovana elektronika, tafiditra tamin'izany ireo solosaina sy ireo finday. Tao anatin'ireo voasambotra ny talen'ny Amnisty International Turquie, Idil Eser.

Voasambotra iray volana mialohan'io fanafihana io ny filohan'ny Amnesty International Turquie, Taner Kilic, ary nampangaina ho niray tsikombakomba tamin'ny lazaina fa “fikomiana” miaraka amin'ireo mpiaro ny zo miisa 10. Nampangaina ho nanampy “vondrona mpampihorohoro mitam-piadina” moa izy rehetra ireo hatreto, ary nomelohan'ny mpampanoa lalàna tamin'ity herinandro ity, izay mitady hampiditra am-ponja ny tsirairay am-polo taonany, araka ny vaovaom-panjakana Andalou.

Teratany Tiorka ireo rehetra niharan'ny fiampangàna, afa-tsy ireo mpanazatra Ali Gharavi, teratany Soedoà, sy Peter Steudtner, teratany Alemà.

Tsy namoaka porofo azo tsoahina mba hanohanana ireo fiampangàna ireo manampahefana, ary ny porofo nolazaina dia ahitàna rakitsary nalaina tao amin'ny solosainan'i Gharavi, misy sarin-taninà vondrona araky ny fiteny any Torkia, Iràka ary Iran, ary kisarisarin'ireo olona vita amin'ny hazo nataon'i Ozlem Dalkiran nandritra ny atrikasa, mpikambana iray hafa an'ny vondrona. Samy naneho tamin'ny asa an-taonany maro ny finiavany amin'ny fiarovana sy fananganana am-pilaminana ireo zon'olombelona tsy an-kanavaka any Torkia, ireo rehetra voatazona, araka ny voarakitr'ireo lalàna eo an-toerana sy ireo lalàna iombonana maneran-tany mikasika ny zon'olombelona.

Taorian'nyFollowing a court appearance on July 17, the detainees experienced a brief period of limbo in which some were released and then taken back into custody. Nejat Tastan and Seyhmuz Ozbekli are currently out on bail, but have been barred from travel beyond Turkey's borders, and must report to their supervision officers twice per week.

Amnesty International, whose director and chair of Amnesty International Turkey are included in these charges, described the situation as “outrageous.”

Human Rights Watch called the accusations “laughable”, explaining the situation as an attempt to stifle human rights work:

The truth is that these human rights defenders are being prosecuted not for an elaborate conspiracy, but to silence them and make their work impossible.

On September 19, a group of more than 60 organisations including the Association for Progressive Communications, IFEX, and Article 19, delivered an oral statement at the 36th session of the UN Human Rights Council, calling particular attention to the work of IT consultant Ali Gharavi, and digital strategy and wellbeing trainer Peter Steudtner:

Gharavi and Steudtner were arrested doing their jobs, imparting knowledge and skills that are essential to the exercise of human rights in the digital age, as they have done for many years with civil society groups around the world.

Since August 1, Steudtner has been held in Silivri prison, a high-security prison outside of Istanbul. In a letter he wrote from his cell, he described his daily life in prison:

Everyday life in prison takes place between the opening of the courtyard at 8am and the locking of the cells at 8pm: inspection of attendance, searching the cells, doing our laundry, cleaning the cell, playing chess and backgammon (both self-made boards).

On September 22, the day of the Berlin Marathon, Steudtner ran part of the marathon in solidarity, using the yard of his prison cell. Steudtner's colleagues from Kurve Wostrow, the Centre for Training and Networking in Nonviolent Action, reported that he managed 1,500 rounds of his small yard, running approximately 22.5 kilometres in total.

Idil Eser, director of Amnesty International Turkey, wrote from inside Silivri prison on September 12:

I always believed in the working methods and principles of the organisation and the importance of human rights; and I will keep believing in them. I am proud to be the Director of Amnesty International Turkey.

October 14 marks Eser’s birthday, a day being celebrated in solidarity with her by groups across the world.

Alongside his IT consultant skills, Swedish citizen Ali Gharavi is also a writer and poet. In mid-September, politics and culture magazine The New Statesman published one of Gharavi's stories. For the past few years, he has been working on a fiction/memoir project about family and migration, from which the story is drawn.

On October 9, Swedish officials summoned the Turkish ambassador for the third time to discuss the case, specifically of Gharavi. On Twitter, Ali’s friends, family, and supporters are sharing posts for him using the hashtag #ForFutureAli and #HaikusForAli.

Both Ali and Peter have been recognised by the digital rights group Access Now as “Heroes” for their activities in supporting human rights defenders to use technology.

We join their supporters in calling for the immediate release of the accused. Share messages of support on Twitter with the #Istanbul10 hashtag and #100DaysTooMany, and learn more about the lives and work of the #Istanbul10. 

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