· Marsa, 2008

Tantara mikasika ny Zimbaboe tamin'ny Marsa, 2008

Zimbaboe : Inona no mbola andrasan'ny MDC ?

  31 Marsa 2008

Bev Clark no mizara ao amin'ny blaogy kubatana ny fijeriny mikasika ny fifidianana any Zimbaboe : But what now? What is the MDC waiting for . . . the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s “official” results which everyone is suspicious of? It seems odd to temper a wonderfully audacious move (claiming victory)...

Zimbaboe : Tantara an-tsary ny fifidianana filoham-pirenena

  31 Marsa 2008

Ngizwani-Ndinzwei no manapariaka tantara an-tsary ny fifidianana jeneraly [filoham-pirenena sy solombavambahoaka] any Zimbaboe : The Netherlands Institute of Southern Africa (NiZA) kindly gave us a grant to capture the Zimbabwe election in pictures. Using that grant a team of 3 journalists (two in Zimbabwe and one in South Africa) have...