· Janoary, 2008

Tantara mikasika ny Nizeria tamin'ny Janoary, 2008

Nizeria : Haingam-pivoarana ny toetoetry ny Aterineto

  26 Janoary 2008

Yomi no miresaka mikasika ny fivoaran'ny toetoetry ny Aterineto any Nizeria : The internet landscape in Nigeria is fast changing. Ten years ago, we did not have the kind of access to internet services that we have today. Neither did we have the diversity that is on ground today. “Haingam-pivoarana...

Nizeria : “Super Eagles”: Inona no tsy nety ?

  24 Janoary 2008

Mbola blaogin'ireo Nizeriana mpankafy kitra [Nigerian Football Fans Forum blog] ihany no ahafahana manaraka adihevitra taorian'ny faharesen'ny Nizeriana “Super Eagles” tamin'ny fifanandrinana tamin'ny Côte d'Ivoire Kamerona : Someone said this on the forum. 1.Based on the Eagles performance in this match, I honestly do not see a difference between the...

Nizeria : Main'ny solika

  16 Janoary 2008

I Akin no manoratra, “Mandorò ny vahoaka ny solika” any Nizeria: Anyone following the saga of Nigeria, its oil and its people would read the news gleaned from recent events and conclude that whilst Nigeria is blessed with oil, any contact between its people and the product always leads to...

Nizeria : “foko” Nizeriana efatra

  08 Janoary 2008

Ny blaogy Oro dia miresaka momba ireo “foko” Nizeriana efatra : « I am a Nigerian. Please don’t look at my name and try to peg me to a tribe otherwise I will be glad tell you the stories of other people I have met in the last three decades of...